Eddie was born and raised in California. At a young age, he loved to create cartoon-like caricature voices and perform them to anyone he could make a captive audience. His friends and family told him he should be in the voice-over industry when he grew up - probably just to make him go away.

Like a true pragmatist, he instead opted for computer-related studies. He was a voracious reader of fantasy and sci-fi though, and played Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games throughout high-school and college. That obsession continues to this day.

In his junior year of high school, the space shuttle Challenger exploded on takeoff. At the time, another launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California was being built to launch shuttles into polar orbits. Eddie's father worked there as an engineer. The ripple effect of the Challenger disaster caused the west-coast site to close down, forcing thousands of engineers out of work. His father was forced to relocate, finding work and moving his family across the country to the comparatively tiny state of Maryland.

After adjusting to the culture shock, Eddie attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to study computer science. He currently works at Oceaneering International near Baltimore, creating software control systems for both remotely-operated and autonomous underwater vehicles.

His dream of being a voice actor was forgotten until recently he came across a friend who is a narrator for Audible. The possiblility of being in the voice-over industry was rekindled, and after harassing his friend incessantly on the details of becoming an Audible narrator, you find Eddie's story here today.

Eddie records from a home studio utilitizing the following equipment, software, and methods:


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Soul Bound: The Warrior: Soul Bound Series, Book 1
by Jas T. Ward
The Book of Siavon, Volume 1: The Ruby Child
by Jessica Epply

Soul Bound: The Warrior: Soul Bound Series, Book 1
by Jas T. Ward

Lightning Wolves: Clockwork Legion Book 2
by David Lee Summers

Owl Dance
by David Lee Summers


I have more audio books published under a psuedonym and will provide a list upon request.


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Gun Shy by Lili St. Germain
Spaceship Broken by Russell Nohelty
Eden Rising by Andrew Cunningham
The Sheeple by Gus Flory
Green Sunday by Ryk Brynk
Dream Static by Robert S. Wilson
Character Voices
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  • "The narrator's skill with varying the characters' voices and accents made the characters come alive for me and held my interest." -Robyn, Owl Dance Review
  • "I really enjoyed listening to Edward Mittelstedt narrate this book and hope he will be narrating the rest of the series to follow." -Amy, Owl Dance Review
  • "The narrator has a good repertoire of voices and accents." -Harry, Owl Dance Review
  • "Edward Mittelstedt does a wonderful job breathing life into the words giving each character a unique voice and letting their emotions and personalities shine." -Peter, Owl Dance Review
  • "Edward Mittelstedt did a really good job. His Spanish accent was consistent throughout the story... he was great with keeping all the characters distinct and also with the various emotions throughout the story. He also gave Fatemeh a consistent Persian accent. His female voices were believable." -Dab of Darkness Book Reviews, Owl Dance Review
  • "Edward Mittelstedt does a fine audio interpretation with clear speech and good definition of the characters." -Jan, Lightning Wolves Review
  • "The book was brilliant but Edward Mittelstedt breathed life in to the story and helped create David Lee Summers' world and characters .He had me hooked and honestly I could probably listen to him read the phone book but luckily he had this fantastic world to bring to life instead." -Amy, Lightning Wolves Review
  • "The narrator gave an amazing performance and made the listening experience." -Heather North, Soul Bound: The Warrior
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